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  • Brush Cutter

    Brush Cutter

    Heavy duty twin rotor mower suitable for scrub clearance and mowing long grass

  • Chipper- Shredder


    Wood chipper and shredder with 3 inch capacity. Heavy duty construction suitable for use in larger gardens and for general estate maintenance.

  • Drum Mower

    Drum Mower

  • Flail Mower

    Flail Mowers

    Range of Heavy Duty flail mowers suitable for the Ferrari models. Ideal for cutting long grass and light scrub.

  • Plough


    Single mouldboard plough for larger gardens and allotments

  • Potato Lifter

    Potato Lifter

    Potato lifter for lifting potatoes out of ridged soil

  • rRdger


    For ridging of potatoes and other root crops

  • Sweeper, Brush

    Rotary Brush

    Heavy duty Rotary Brush / Sweeper suitable for use on all models of Ferrari two wheel tractor. The brush can be angled to sweep to the left or right.

  • Rotary Harrow

    Rotary Harrow

    A range of heavy duty rotary harrows designed for use by landscaping contractors when creating a level surface for seeding or turfing.

  • Rotary Mower 80cm

    Rotary Mower 80cm

    Single blade heavy duty rotary mower suitable for lawns and also areas of longer grass.

  • Rotary Plough

    Rotary Plough

    The Berta Franco Rotary Plough is designed to plough and cultivate the soil in one pass. It cuts a furrow in a similar manner to a mouldboard plough but the power driven conical rotor also breaks up the soil to leave a seedbed finish. Suitable for growers and landscapers.

  • Snow Blade Professional

    Snow Blade Professional

    1.0m wide professional Blade designed specifically for snow clearance.

  • Snow Blower

    Snow Blower

    Professional blower to keep paths, roads and driveways clear of snow

  • Snow Blade

    Snow/Grader Blade

    1.0m wide blade for snow clearance on paths, roads and driveways. Due to its heavy duty construction it is also suitable for grading earth and gravel.

  • Trailer


    Trailer can be mounted to any of the 300 series two wheeled tractors. Ideal for transport of soil, logs, grass cuttings etc around larger gardens and estates.

  • Twin Blade Rotary Mower

    Twin Blade Rotary Mower

    Rotary mower suitable for larger lawns.