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  • BS Side Arm Flail

    BS Side Arm Flail

    The BS Side Arm Flail Mowers are designed for commercial use by contractors for verge mowing and hedge cutting but are also suitable for private estate maintenance.

  • Dragone AB Flail Collector

    Dragone AB Flail Collector

    The Dragone AB series of Flail Mowers with collection are designed with heavy commercial use in mind. They will cut and collect grass, long or short, as well as brambles and light scrub.

  • Dragone L Series Flail

    Dragone L Series Flail Mower

    A professional Flail Mower designed for use with Compact Tractors. The unique design of the knives leaves a quality finish equivalent to a rotary mower but also allows the machine to be used in rough grass and scrubland areas. Hydraulic side shift is a popular option as it allows operation close up to hedgerows and ditches.

  • Dragone MTL Flail Mower

    Dragone MTL Flail Mower

    The Dragone MTL Flail Mower is a professional machine designed for constant commercial use. It is built to the same engineering standards as the heavy duty V series but is lighter for smaller tractors.

  • Dragone VOTG Flail Mower

    Dragone VOGT Flail Mower

    The Dragone VOGT Professional Flail Mowers are built to withstand hard work by the most demanding users including agricultural and grounds maintenance contractors, local authorities and farmers. A large diameter rotor is crucial when the mower must process large amounts of material without blockage and we can find no larger on the market.

  • Dragone VOGT1/VOGT2 Series Flail Mower

    Dragone VOGT1/VOGT2 Series Flail Mower

    The Dragone V series Flail Mowers are designed for cutting grass and heavy scrub land by demanding professional users such as local authorities and contractors. Large diameter rotors and heavy duty build of the frame and transmission give top results in the worst of operating conditions.

  • EM2 Rotary Finishing Mower

    EM2 Rotary Finishing Mower

    A three bladed rotary mower for use where a high quality finish is required

  • Inter Row Mower

    Inter-row Mower

    Mower for use between strawberry tables. This mower has been designed and built by Kilworth for use in the strawberry growing industry.

  • Kilworth SG Topper

    The TM topper is a heavy duty rotary topper designed for the maintenance of paddocks and rough grass areas. It is a low maintenance machine as there are no belts to tension or hubs to grease.

  • Moster Overseeder

    Moster Overseeder

    The Moster Overseeder is designed for the regeneration of worn turf. It is suitable for use on football/playing fields and due to the fine adjustment of working depth can also be used on bowling greens.

  • Sovema TE Topper

    The TE Topper is a single bladed rotary mower designed for maintenance of paddocks and rougher grass areas which are not mown on a regular basis. It is a simple low maintenance machine as there are no drive belts to tension or rotor hubs to grease. The TE100 and TE130 are particularly suited to smaller/lighter compact tractors.

  • Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection

    Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection

    The Sovema TRIS is a Flail Mower with integral collection hopper suitable for use on playing fields, sports pitches, golf courses and green areas around housing estates and industrial units.

  • Sovema VFM Flail/Front/rear mounted

    Sovema VFM Flail/Front/rear mounted