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  • Brush Cutters/Strimmers

    We provide a wide range of Brush cutters/strimmers from the Texas range.

    The strimmer is light hand held machine .

    There are many attachments that can be fitted for various landscaping tasks such as;

    • Chainsaw
    • Strimmer
    • Sweeper
    • And more

    The strimmers are light, agile and good for long grass in hard to reach areas.

    Great for commercial use.

  • Chainsaws

    In the Texas range we provide three models of Chainsaws.

    Depending your preference for example;

    • You may require a light chain saw for hard to reach areas.
    • Or require a chain with more power to cut through harder woods

    This range covers these preferences, and offers a user friendly features as well, key safety features.

  • Hedge Trimmer

    We provide the HSL265 Hedge trimmer form the Texas range.

    It is a dual cut system, with a blade length of 65 cm.

    This can either be used for domestic or commercial use.

    Very light and user friendly.

  • Leaf Blowers/Vacuums

    Here are two Leaf blowers we provide form the texas range.

    Light and easy to manoeuvre for hard to reach areas.

    In addition, a 2 in 1 model is available which offers a vacuum and blower feature.

  • Pro Trim 560

    The Pro Trim 560 is a forward trimmer head which makes it easy to trim around:

    • Trees
    • Along paths
    • Hedges
    • Uneven terrain
    • High grass

    The advantage of this compared to conventional trimmers is nothing to carry.

    Which make light weight work even easier for the operator.

    Easy to move and use.

  • Spreaders

    We offer the CS6000S spreader which is a hand spreader.

    This tool is suitable for any sowing purposes.

    The spreader is suited to more light ground work jobs,

    and any inaccessible areas where a bigger spreader cannot reach.