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  • Lawn edgers & Scarifiers

    In the Texas range we offer 2 models of Scarifiers and 1 edger model.

    The scarifiers are designed to clean the grass you are working on.

    It targets to remove any moss and old grass clipping therefore improve the health of grass.

    The texas scarifier is a simple but effective machine which either has pivoting or fixed blade options.

    Easy to use machine fit for domestic or commercial use.


    Secondly is the edger, which is designed to cut an edge into the grass boundary.

    Again a simple machine and easy to use.

  • Premium Mowers

    Finally is the Texas Premium mowers we offer 3 models in this range.

    The Premium mowers are fitted with Briggs & Stratton engine and are a reinforced mower version of the Razor range.

    Typically, the Premium mower has bigger cutting deck and is more comfortable to use.

    This model is good for any landscaping or large gardening jobs.

    Purpose built for long jobs to aid the operator by the self-propelled function.

    Along with being a 4 in 1 machine.

    • Mulching
    • Rear discharge
    • Side discharge
    • Rear Collection

    Overall a good strong mower which is built for larger gardening jobs.


  • Razor Mowers

    The Razor model is the mid-range lawn mower we offer from the Texas range.

    This is a perfect for domestic/commercial use. Fitted with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda engines.

    The lawn mower is a good solid mower which is ideal for gardens and small scale landscaping jobs.

    Easy to man-oeuvre and a user friendly mower.

    The Razor is a 4 in 1 mower which offers:

      • Mulching
      • Side discharge
      • Rear discharge
      • Rear collection


  • Walk behind Grass Cutter

    This is the Multi Cut 900 TG is a two wheeled walk behind mower.

    This mower focuses into cutting High grass, shrubbery and up 30mm diameter trees and bushes.

    This is the prefect machine for heavy duty landscape work.

    User friendly and comfortable to use when going through long harsh shurbbery.